Sarah Brenneman
My work emerges from a simple, repeated process: listen, paint and title. It begins with an impulse – an urge to get down a mark. This mark forms a fluid pattern, a pool of color or a dry line. Patterns emerge and point me toward an image. I find each layer through listening to the painting. At times a central iconic image emerges, or an expansive pattern in a vibrating, shallow space. The painting leads the way. I listen and follow.

Language enters the picture through thoughts of poems or passages recently read. For years I have looked to my red Webster’s dictionary for the title of a painting. I flip through and a word pops out that fits the painting, like “brazen,” “redux” or “ticky.” Or I go to the dictionary with a word that has been with me while painting – like “shiny” or “riddle” – and I find words that complete the painting.

Each piece is an attempt to delve deeper into where the limitations of my medium of watercolor and collage can take me and a chance to witness how my daily experiences will filter into the work.